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SDVoyager Interview


I am extremely thankful that SDVoyager took the time to write about my art, my business, and my life.

Explaining how I began to paint, why I make art, how it helps me, and how I want to help others.

"The proudest moment of my art career will always be the day that I started.

It is extremely easy to fall into an accidental daily routine that has nothing to do with your true self. I felt this happening to me more and more as the days passed and I was not making any art at all. I felt so empty, confused, and uncomfortable with who I was.

Creating these paintings, making this art, expressing who I am and what I see through paint on canvas lets me feel at home with my true self. I know that in the moment of creating a piece of art, I am doing exactly what I am meant to do. So for once, my mind is silent, letting myself just be."