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Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Hi all!

On Instagram I posted a "question" portal, here are some of my responses...

“So, how did you get into art?”

I hear this question a lot. And it honestly makes me think because for as long as I can remember, art has always been apart of my life!

I come from a family of artists. My aunt, who is an incredible painter actually bought me my first sketchbook when I was just a little girl. I have always been inspired by all the artists in my family. They constantly encouraged my passion. My mom never allowed me to have a TV in my room. Instead, I had an aisle, an art desk, a sewing machine, or anything to keep me creative. Growing up, I always found so much comfort in creating- whether it be drawing, sewing, photography, or painting. It has always been a fun way for me to keep my mind occupied and engaged. I took many art classes in high school and brought a sketchbook with me (literally) wherever I went. Sometimes, I would draw roses, fashion illustrations, plants, animals, really whatever came to mind. I always showed my drawings at my school's art shows. I felt the proudest of myself when I was making art. Painting, (ironically) was the one thing that always discouraged me. The fact that I couldn’t erase the paint scared me. It wasn’t until almost a year ago that I decided to paint. I bought some materials from the craft store and painted. But I was painting just because I wanted to, not to be good at it. And to my surprise, people liked it.

"What made you want to put crystals on your work?"

My family is Native American. My grandma always has crystals around. She taught me about the healing properties of each stone, and why it’s important to have them in your home. I love painting, and I love crystals. So organically- it made sense to combine the two to make my own special recipe of art.

I also believe that the properties of the crystals project off the artwork and into the home of where the painting is hung. #artheals It truly brings a unique sense to each piece and makes you take a second look. What is your favorite crystal? I like all crystals but my favorite is Celestine. It’s a light blue geode that keeps you in touch with your angels, and intuition. Because I come from a family of artists, I never feel alone when I paint. I can constantly hear their support, even when they are not around. & It was intuition that leads me to pick up art in the first place.

"Where do you get your crystals?"

The Cage of Wonders in North Park! This little shop is locally owned and has the prettiest gems.

"Where do you get your inspiration from?"

I think the most organic answer would be life itself. The way we have grown in and out of each phase of life inspires me. The way no day is ever the same, some are similar, but evidently you always grow into a new chapter. Art is very similar. No painting is ever the same. I can make a series that all look cohesive- like brother and sisters, but no two paintings ever look identical. Just like each day is so unique. There is an inspiration in that, to me. To wake up each morning to a clean canvas.

I understand there are elements in life that will never be stagnant, with that we also have parts that will always be the same. Art is exactly similar. Life inspires me. Nature, the people I love, the things I grow through, the different phases, places, feelings... That is what makes up my art- it’s life.



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